Progress performance review

When we did our performance to the year one’s today I realised how much work we have got to do. So far we have only learnt the song and dance to ‘A comedy tonight’ and about half of the dialogue along with one of the dance’s. We have to learn more then three other songs along with the dances and work out the movement to the dialogue. When we did the performance I remember feeling confident at the beginning but then as we approached the end of the song I felt it falling apart. By the time we got to the lyric ‘nothing of fate’ we all became unsure of what our note was, I think this is because its the first time we had done in in front of the audience and we panicked about it. We have not yet completed the dance so for the end of the song we were standing in two lines which was a clean ending for the song so far, this also helped us with not forgetting the song entirely. However we do need work a lot harder on the harmonies as we are performing to an unpaid audience so we have to grab their attention as soon as the performance starts. We also need to work on perfecting and finishing the dance, saying this we need to move on so we will have to hold more rehearsals like we have been to make sure we get it all done and we polish it to get it to the high standard we want it to be. To keep everything fresh in our minds we have to work on it at least three times a week including our rehearsals with our tutors. On the other hand there are some things I enjoyed about the performance. I think that when we did have energy it was more watchable so we definitely need to keep our energy levels up constantly, this is very importance because as pointed out by the audience we are going to have an audience change constantly or most of the time so we cant let the energy drop within the transitions of the songs to scene and vicar-verser. Again pointed out with the audience we have to be confident with everything we do, the audience don’t know what we are going to and if something doesn’t quite go our way then we should just continue because the audience wont know unless we tell them its gone a but wrong. Personally my goal is to work on my character because at the moment I don’t feel like I am someone else and I think that if I can figure out my own character all the embarrassment will just fade away because I wont be myself which at the moment on stage I am and I feel that holding me back. I want to work on what my ‘saucy maid’ would be called to everyone else apart form ‘slave’ by her employers. Along with that I also want to work out little quirks she would do and what she actually wants out of being a maid. If I do this I will know my character and what she is doing in the scene so then I can do it successfully without feeling a bit silly at times. This way I will be able to block out the specific people in the audience so they don’t put my off.


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