Risk assessment 

performing outside has a lot of risks to think about and in this piece I will be talking about some of the key ones and how we can overcome them.

The first one that came to mind was the weather. Performing outside in November will be bitterly cold which means we have to be prepared. Our Roman costumes are very thin which means that we will have to wear thermals or something similar to make sure we are as warm as possible. The cold will also effect our voices and as we will be doing a lot of singing. I will be bringing lemon and ginger tea with me in a thermal travel mug to keep my voice warmed up and relieve any extra stress on my throat from the chills of November. Singing in the cold can hurt your voice as it dry’s up quickly and the vocal track needs to be moisturized to prevent the throat form cracking. I will be drinking a lot of water at room temperature in a heated mug, this is because the cold water shrinks the voice making it harder to reach your full range and can cause you to strain your voice which will hurt my vocals, which I want to avoid at all costs.


Here are a few examples of what can happen when the voice in under a lot of stress.

Vcc1  This is a vocal cord cyst. This can be caused though miss using the voice such as constant shouting or screaming and sometimes singing without warming up correctly. To avoid this I will be continuing to take time to warm up properly, I will also avoid screaming and shouting and over using my voice.


 This is called vocal polyps, this is a fluid filled collection that will form on the edges of you vocals, these form because of extra stress on the voice. For example singing in the cold November weather. This is extra stress because we are outside which means we don’t know the temperature, it could increase or decrease throughout the day along with the wind picking up every now and again if it is a windy day. We will have to belt a lot of our songs and really project as much as possible to heard over the other events and stalls. The way I will avoid this is to bring cough sweets to sooth the voice as well as hot drinks to keep warm. I will also wear a scarf in between shows to make sure my throat is warm all the time to reduce the effects of any extra stress on my vocal muscles.

Nodules This is known as vocal nodules, this is caused by very similar reasons to a cyst on the voice, its though the misuse of the voice but for a long period of time, this also includes singing outside of your range along with little care towards the voice. This can cause swelling of the fold lining.


I also have to consider tripping over the wires that will be plugged into the speakers for the music. This is something personally I have to be very aware of as my knee is still very delicate after my operation and if I were to fall on it would set me back to square -20 and then some. This is because I have suffered a grand total of seven knee dislocations and in august I had ligament reconstruction which is taking a long time to heal properly and I have only just started dancing again properly to the best of my current ability. If I were to fall during the healing time there is a strong ability of tearing scar tissue and possible snap the graphs they have put in my knee to strengthen the ligaments, there is also the possibility of dislodging the metal robs that are in my lower femur and under the patella. There would be the high risk of needing further surgical attention and a possible rethink in my pathway, and possibility of a career change all together. To avoid this nightmare coming true I will have to be very careful, I will be wearing a knee brace throughout the entire day. I will be very vigilant and weary of possible trip hazards.

We also have the audience to think about when we are thinking about the risks of street theatre. This is because we do run though the audience and we have to think about the small children and any elderly folks that we may accidently knock over. To avoid this we will have to be gentle when coming though the audience and look for the safest place to run to with the clearest pathway in the audience, assuming we have one at all. The weather during this time of year is inevitably going to chill us to the bone, however it is still unpredictable in the sense that it could rain, snow, hail, be overcast or be sunny with a little bit of cloud. We have to consider how we are going to keep warm as we will be out there form 1pm till 4m, our costume as the maids and roman comedy soldiers include a toga and a cardboard breast plate. This means that we will have to wear layers under that to make sure that we are warm enough to keep going all afternoon and feel the need to constantly complain about the cold. I propose that we wear our black clothing underneath such as, a long sleeved top and tights with black leggings over the top for the girls and jogging bottoms and a black top for the boys. We are doing two performances of our shortened version of “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum”, so when the drama students are performing we can put our coats on over our costume and wear scarfs to keep our throats, therefore voices protected from the cold so our voice’s don’t end up freezing and leaving us to strain.