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On Friday we did our first live performance of “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum” at the Christmas market in Bury s.t Edmunds. We performed along side with the drama students, over the past few weeks of rehearsals I have gradually felt more and more confident   About the performance. However I was very intimidated by the open space and I was aware of how loud we had to be and I was aware that there were still a few bits that everyone wasn’t 100% confident on. Street theatre is very new to me an it is one of many things I have never done so this was both exciting and the sensation of poking a bear with a large pointy stick it will either be fine and you’ll live to tell the tale, or it will eat you alive. In this case we have taken the risk and came out of it more experienced.

I think our first performance started very timidly because we were the first group to perform and that is always very nerve racking, our opening song ‘A comedy tonight’ was quiet, I know this to be true because I felt like I could only hear myself when I should have felt like I could hear everyone, therefore I knew that we needed to support each other and trust each other to be louder as the performance went on. This did happen which I was very happy about, by the second song we had settled into the task at hand and we had more confidence. I think we managed to conjure up a lot of concealed energy form the excitement form the morning as well as good nervous energy and I feel that we had a lot of life as opposed to dead weight from everyone. I am also proud to say that I fell like personally I was happy form my performance as I felt confident in all of the sections and that I knew the order and the show back to front and inside out, this allowed me to really perform to the audience and have fun with it. As a group I feel like we were able to portray a successful performance and demonstrate our camaraderie and how well we work as a team.
When I watched the video back I was thrilled with how it went, it wasn’t perfect the first time round and there were a few mistakes and mishaps but I feel like we covered them up well enough for the audience not to notice them too much. I was very happy with my own performance because when I was watching the video I feel like I was one of the ones who were projecting my voice and using my facial expressions, I feel like I looked as confident as I felt performing it even though I was very nervous but I don’t think I let that show and I out that energy into a positive use and didn’t self sabotage the performance.

On the other hand I saw some sections that needed improving on such as the maids dance and some lyrics that not everyone was 100% on. In the comedy soldier section I feel like we knew the actions and the dialogue but the lyrics weren’t crystal clear and sometimes the words would fly away with our voices even though we were try hard to project our voice’s I’ve learnt about how loud you have to be in street theatre to let the audience hear everything. Face’s and actions help to tell the story but if you cant hear all the words that puts the performance at risk of not being as successful as we want it to be because then the audience will have a harder job of following our story. I also think that we could work on our volume, we were all very poorly with sore throats and chest infections so we were limited to volume however saying this I feel like we were still rather loud as we have been told that people could hear is before they saw us. This made us feel a lot better about the sound we were making because we knew that the harmonies were lost in the majority of the songs even though we were projecting I felt like our voices were just flying away. On a on a more personal level I feel like even though I was confident I was also quite causious   because we were performing on a slightly sloped area and because of the cold my knee was in a lot of pain and the graph of muscle that they placed in was slipping between the joint as we were on a slope this made it slightly worse so by the end of the performance I was in totally agony. I remember after the performance I was really worried that I let the pain show on my face but watching it back I don’t think it did and that I managed to mask it quite well.

I result I think there were more positives than negatives and that we were able to create a successful performance in the open air of Bury, the audience seemed to really enjoy themselves and I am very proud of the performance we gave. There were areas to improve on that I want to work on before Friday for our performance at Kegs, however most of our issues were volume and harmony based, when we perform at Kegs I am conifer by to say that we have a good chance of making more volume as we will be inside were the sound we make will bounce of the wall and hopefully that will help to project our voices further, however saying that we have to make the sounds before we have any help making it louder. I am proud to say we did ourselves proud and I am very much looking forward to performing it again on Friday the fourth for the last time.