A Midsummer Night’s Dream audition evaluation 

I feel like my audition for hermia went well, I was pleased with my performance and I felt confident most of the way through. There was a point at the line “painted maypole” when I had a short blank but I think I covered it up will, I also think it was a little rushed but I think it went well over all. When I watched Harry’s performance I saw how much confidence he had and he wasn’t afraid at all and I really took that on board and just went for it. I really liked Rachel’s accent that she did, I think next time I will try to do an accent to give the monologue something completely different. 
Helena felt that most people had the concept of what was being said in the speech and as it can be hard to view Shakespeare it’s important that we know the meaning of what we are saying. 

Lynn agreed but she was very disappointed that not everyone had learnt their lines. However I feel confident in saying that dispite my slight pause I knew the monologue  well and was please with the delivery. 

If I was casting this I would be looking for confidence, character, someone who knew their lines and of asked could do it another way. 


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