Work progress, 23rd of Feb, 2016

Yesterday was the first day back after half term and I feel the like day overall went really well, however there were some aspects that could have been avoided. For example very few of us had taken time to learn the lyrics properly for ‘Step on’ by the happy Mondays. I was included in the group for not knowing lyrics because I wasn’t confident on them and kept stumbling on my lyrics and the timing. I could have avoided this by learning them over half term on the days that I wasn’t working or in rehearsal for my other show. However I feel like the slow motion fight scene for step on with myself Scott and Harry is coming along rather well. The only issue with it is that I end up on the wrong side but I don’t think that will confuse the audience to much because I end up on the floor with Harry and Scott beating me up then we end in that freeze to it will be clear to the audience that is was has happened and that’s why I am on the that side of the stage with Oberon’s gang and not Titana’s. The singing over all I don’t think is at the slandered that it needs to be because it is still very weak from everyone and as there are 38 of us in the production there is no excuse for us to be as weak and as quiet as we are and I feel everyone needs to up there game for the show to reach its full potential and as it is in two weeks I hope this happens soon because there is limited time left and I want this show to be as amazing at we want it to be but at the moment I do not think it is there yet.


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