Rehearsal log 25th Feb 2016

Today we went through ‘Love will tear us apart’ dance as the musical theatre students haven’t been thought it properly. It was really good for us to take time to go through it and learn it properly because then we can work on cleaning it and making sure we are all in time. I feel like I picked it up rather quickly as it is quite simplistic but now we just have to make sure we execute it perfectly for it to be effective. We also started to go though the other dance which is when Oberon and Titania have made up and everything is all good again. This dance is quite challenging for me because it is more commercial than I am comfortable with doing because in the past when I have done commercial my knees have dislocated before so I am quite nervous about this. Since my operation I have felt a lot stronger even though I have only been dancing properly for a short period of time.

My goal for this is to overcome my nerves for performing a more commercial piece and hopefully then I won’t be so cautious for the next time I have to do a commercial piece.


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