Rehearsal log 26th feb 2016

Today in our rehearsals for ‘A Midsummer Nights dream’ we blocked a scene with Lysander and Demetrious in the lead up to their fight which doesn’t actually take place in the end. We came up with the idea of using chiffon material to create a ‘mist’ that Oberon’s gang would use to confuse the two of them so0 much that they would pass out. I helped to choreograph this, I thought it would be good to have two people in the middle with slightly shorter pieces of material so then Lysander and Demetrious would have two massive pieces of chiffon at the sides for their entry and to get caught up in at the sides but then when they are in the middle they have two people to confuse them both and make sure they never see each other so then the fight wouldn’t take place.


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