tech rehearsals

I found the tech and dress rehearsals very useful because it allows you to get used to the lighting and the amplified sound to the level it will be during show week. I don’t have any costume changes in the show but for the people who do and who have very quick changes, for example the backing singers, it gives them time to find out how much time they have and to practice those quick changes which is important because then they wont miss their queue for the songs and the scenes they are in. We also had a photographer in which was different because shows that I’ve done prior to this one, we have had a photographer their but we would just run the show and have photos taken at the same time with out really stopping. But when we had our photographer in their were certain scenes that had been picked out that were photographed which was a lot of stopping and starting because we had to repeat the scenes so then we could get the photographs done properly.

I found that the tech rehearsals are always more stressful then the show because its our last chance to get everything right before opening night. then if we don’t things right then opening night becomes a black void that no one wants to face but if we can get everything sorted in detail then opening night is much more breezy and enjoyable. I felt that overall the tech run went quite well with a few hiccups here and there considering that it was out first time doing the show in the actual space and it was out tech teams first time running the show with their lighting and props that they have made, etc. From a personal point of view I am feeling very confident and sure of what I am doing and where I am at what time, however in the scene with myself,fairy one, fairy three, puck and robin the scene gets very closed off and very central to the point when we’ve realised that we have closed it off so much its very difficult to open it back up. What I have suggested that we do is all get together and run the scene, realise what movements and positions we are placing ourselves in and how we can fix this. I am already aware that I walk towards puck and robin but then I don’t quite go further enough back and that I don’t stand so square with them because then the audience are only seeing one side of me and not my face at all. To fix this I am going to have my hair still curled and have a slightly fluffy crazy look to it with the pink in my hair but I will be pinning it up so then it is less of a distraction.

In the tech run I felt like the show went very slow but this was to be expected due to the mic’s, the music and the lighting that we needed to sort out along the way, however we need need to learn how to be around the mic’s because they are very sensitive and they can pick up the smallest mutter of a voice. This it was we have to be most careful I think because if the mic’s are on then they can be heard though out the head sets and speakers which is what we want to avoid because then the audience will be able to hear everything.



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