Task 3: Costume

My role of production in the commission is to look into costume and source the costumes with Lou.

This is an image I have found of the generic nun costume. I think this is the type of costume we wish to find for my character as it is the most common attire for a nun to wear. However I have found it difficult to source one online as they all are coming up with outfits that are for a Halloween party or a night out. This is not the desired look we want which is the image above.

This is an image I have found of what the Benedictine monks wore, this is very simple and myself and Lou are hoping to ask Harry if we are bale to borrow one of his Star Wars robes that he has which resemble the image above almost perfectly.

Now that we have placed Vicky as the character of the Kings guardian, I think the costume above would be perfect for her character. This is because of the time period the piece has been set in and it is a costume that a woman of her status would wear, it isn’t so grand that you would mistake her for a princess or royal. However a peasant would not have the money to wear such clothing which gives the character the perfect balance.

Ideally this is the type of costume that we will have for Lou as the king. However the issue we face is that Lou is a rather petite person which means that we may not be able to find a costume that will fit her properly.

These are the costumes that I had found and perchance for Lou and Vicky. The robe Jack is wearing is the one we were able to borrow off of Harry. I was correct in thinking that we were unable to find Lou a costume as she is a female and a rather small one. However I was able to source the cloak last minuet.

I had originally bought three costumes. The king costume, the costume for Vicky and a nun costume. However the nun costume never arrived and in its place was a completely different costume, despite this Lou was able to source one along with a costume for Tom as Harry only had one robe that he kindly lent to us.

I wanted to avoid ordering the costumes online because I was weary that they could have been lost on the way or not turn up at all. However we did not have a choice in the end due to not having a fixed character for Vicky for a lengthy amount of time. As soon as we had a fixed character for her I emailed the Theatre Royal in Bury asking about costume hire, we had left it to late as the only appointment we could get was two days before the performance so after searching amazon and fancy-dress website I finally found the desired costumes.