Task 3: Health and Safety risk assessment



  1. Uneven ground
    Uneven ground runs the risk of injury if not careful during the performance, I have to be careful because I have been recovering from ligament reconstruction which means that my knees are still fragile and if I am not careful I could trip and fall which would severely effect my course and would send me back to hospital. We also have to make sure the Level twos who are going to be the tour guides make the audience aware of the uneven ground so then we can avoid any injuries from the audience.Prevention: Don’t run around and be reckless, inform the level two’s that we wish them to tell the audience about the risk of uneven ground.

    Responsibility: Person and level two’s

  2. Costume
    Our costumes are all very long which causes a hazard for everyone within my group as this means that we are easily susceptible to tipping or falling over themPrevention: Being aware of our movements within the costumes

    Responsibility: Personal

  3. Heat Exhaustion:
       As we are unaware of what the weather will be like we have to make sure that we are prepared for it to be very warm as it has been the past few days. Especially since Tom, Jack and I are all in dark colours the heat will get to us a lot quicker.Prevention: Plenty to eat and Drink

    Responsibility: Personal