Task One: Presentation of ideas

Today we presented our ideas for our individual pieces, I feel like our presentation in the beginning for my group started well and we were very prepared, this is because we had evidence to back up our ideas and we had also done a lot of research around the topics of witch craft and the workhouses. by this point we already have a set idea that we can expand of with the workhouse because we feel that there is so much history and information about them that we could play with and work around. Our main storyline idea at the moment is to focus on the treatment of the mentally ill, the correction facilities that they were sent to, and the treatment of children in the conditions they were in. We have an A3 group work book where we can put in information we have found together, also to put in ideas during our meetings though out the project and pictures of locations we are yet to visit. However I feel like when Harry started talking about the monks we had no idea what he was talking about because when we had been preparing for our presentation nothing was mentioned about doing a piece about the monks. I feel this made us look unprepared and unprofessional as it looked like we weren’t apart of a solid team anymore and that we were not communicating to each other about all of our ideas.