Task Three/B: Work In Progress

For our opening piece, we have chosen to create a song for comedic effect that will be sung as the monks are in prayer. Jack and Tom have been in charge of the composing and writing of the song, where as Vicky has been in charge of choreography and Lou and I have been in charge of costume. The songs that Jack and Tom have taken inspiration from are the ‘Horrible Histories: Funky Monk’ song and the ‘Knights of the round table’ from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Jack and Tom have looked at the lyrics and have adapted them from the original ‘Horrible Histories’ song and have written a first verse.

The original lyrics are as follows…                     Our adapted lyrics are as follows…

“Welcome to our monastery                                               “Welcome to our story
Please have a chair                                                                Please have a patch of grass
Good to see you monks                                                         We are here to educate you
So deep in prayer                                                                    Upon this tale of our kind
Once the praying’s finished                                                 We are deep in prayer”
Your chores must be done
The main rule of a good monk’s life is no fun”

The original rap is as follows…                           Our adapted rap is as follows…

“It’s not all hymns and prayin’                                   “Its not all to do with prayin’
It’s not all work and no playin’                                   Its not all work no playin
So let’s start misbehavin’                                             So lets start misbehavin’
And get with the funk!”                                                And get with the funk!”

The rap has very similar lyrics, I feel that if we are to use the rap then it needs to be completely re-written so then it is completely our own and not a copy.

The audience that we will be performing to is going to be a massive age range, form children to the elder community. Some may even bring along infants. Therefore Jack and Tom have brought an idea where the adults ages will be between the ages of 20-50. They have thought about putting in Madonna’s song “Like a Prayer”. This is because it would appeal to the adults and since we are to be characters practising a religion it would add to the comedic effect.

They have come up with the Madonna feature at the end of the lyrics “We are Deep in Prayer”.

Therefore our final song lyrics are…

  • Welcome to our story
  • Please have a patch of grass
  • We are here to educate you
  • Upon the tale of our kind
  • We are deep in prayer…
  • …When you call my name
  • It’s like a little prayer
  • I’m down on my knees
  • I wanna take you there
  • In the midnight hour
  • I can feel your power
  • Just like a prayer
  • You know I’ll take you there.

Lou and I have been on the search for costume sources and have come to the conclusion that we want to stay away from ordering any offline if possible because we don’t think that it is the most reliable way to get our costumes in time for the performance. However there is a shop in Bury that does costumes for fancy dress and the Theatre Royal have a costume department that we can hire from if we decide to do that. The issue that we are facing with costume is that we have yet to place Vicky as a character that fits in well with the story-line effectively. We know that we need a costume for the nun (me), the prior (Jack), The abbot(Tom). Harry who was apart of our group has some replica sith robes from the StarWars movies, we are hopefully going to be able to borrow one or two for the Abbot and the Prior. The nun costume, as simple as it should be is more difficult then I would like it to be. This is because the ones that I have found online are rather provocative and the hem line comes up way above the knee. Such as the picture below.

Naughty Nun Costume Ladies Religious Vicars And Tarts Black Fancy Dress Outfit



Today we had our final work in progress presentation session, I was annoyed with myself because even though I am off book i still stumbled on my lines, however I felt that this is the best I have performed the monologue as it had more raw/real emotion to it. I felt more confident with playing round with it and knowing the character well enough to look deeper then her just being fearful of the Abbot. I have looked at her with more than one emotion, I have incorporated her anguish and her disgust towards the Abbot, while she is confused and hurt by what is going on and if he actually had feelings for her and why is this happening to her. She is upset and scared by what is currently happening to her but she is also so afraid of speaking out that she feels that it will be his word against hers, theretofore there is nothing that she can do about it because of the times that the piece is set in.

I felt that the song was very atmospheric and help to set the mood and grab the audiences attention.

The piece is not quite refined enough yet but we still have time to work on the bits that are not quite right yet.

(26th May)

This is our final work in progress video. We are video 7/8 as we are to be the last group to perform in the tour.

I was thrilled with the way that the piece had gone today because for the first time the piece had been smooth with little unnoticeable problems that were easily covered and will not be noticeable to the audience so long as we work effectively around it. After todaay I finally have full confidence that we will be able to do a good job in our performances in the tour. After the presentation today Helena came up to me and said that she felt that the dance was very fitting and lovely to watch. I also had other students come up to me to compliment me on my performance as Rosa in the piece and said that I was very believable and very emotionally connected.